Welcome to Indian Conservatory of Paris. Indian music is akin to an ornament for the ears, bestowing upon listeners the beauty of "Brahmananda" (Bliss). Just as an ornament enhances one's appearance, Indian music enriches the auditory experience.

Rooted in a rich historical tradition dating back to 200 BC - 400 BC, Bharatha Muni penned the foundational theory of music, dance, and drama in the "Natya Shastra." Sadguru Purandardasa (1480-1564) is revered as the father of Carnatic music for his contributions in structuring and guiding its pedagogy.

At Indian Conservatory of Paris, we honor this tradition by offering courses steeped in the essence of Indian music and culture.

Courses Offered:

1. Indian Vocal:

- Immerse yourself in the art of Indian vocals, mastering shruthi, laya, modulation, pronunciation, and expression.

- Group Classes: Friday and Saturday

- Individual Classes: Contact us to schedule a suitable time

- Location: Wednesday and Friday classes in Paris 16h -19h Saturday classes at Maison de l'Inde

2. Konnakkol:

- Explore the rhythmic intricacies of Indian percussion through Konnakkol, a vocal percussion technique.

- Individual Classes Only

3. Veena:

- Experience the divine melodies of the veena, one of India's oldest instruments.

- Gain concentration and a deeper understanding of ragas through fret-aligned swaras.

- Individual and Group Classes Available

- Location: Online and Paris 16

4. Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Mantra Yoga:

- Delve into the ancient science of sound vibration with Mantra Yoga, harnessing the power of sacred syllables.

- Explore the philosophical depths of human consciousness through the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali.

- Individual and Group Classes Available

Why Choose Us:

- Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced instructors dedicated to preserving and imparting the essence of Indian music.

- Traditional Pedagogy: Experience the authentic guru-shishya tradition of learning, fostering holistic growth and spiritual advancement.

- Flexible Learning Options: Choose from group or individual classes tailored to your learning pace and preferences.

- Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian culture, art, and philosophy through our comprehensive courses.

Join Us Today:

- Register for classes to embark on a transformative journey into the world of Indian music and culture.

- For inquiries and registration, contact us at


"The Indian Conservatory of Paris provided me with not just musical training, but a profound spiritual experience. I am grateful for the guidance of my guru and the supportive community." - Ananya

"Studying Konnakkol here has expanded my understanding of rhythm in ways I never imagined. It has truly enriched my musical journey." - Raj

Diplôme Certificate from French Conservatory

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