We are thrilled to announce that the Indian Conservatory of Paris will be part of the festive zones organized by the city of Paris in celebration of the Olympics!

Our showcase will celebrate the vibrant and diverse culture of India through classical music, dance, yoga, folkloric games, mehendi, rangoli, and more surprises. Despite suggestions to lean on Bollywood for greater recognition, we are proud to stay true to the deep cultural roots and traditional art forms of India. This recognition is a testament to the French appreciation for genuine cultural representation and diversity.

We are honored to be selected among thousands of associations to bring the richness of Indian heritage to this global event. Join us in celebrating the best of India in the heart of Paris! Let’s embrace the beauty of diversity and unity through art and tradition.

You can also be part of the celebrations: Site 12 - Parc Saint Périne, Paris 16 which is home for #EiffelTower #Trocadero #rollandgarros #ParcDesPrinces